Counselling & Psychotherapy

Life throws some difficult challenges at all of us from time to time. Counsellors and Psychotherapists help people to cope with these challenges, and to explore the many opportunities that life presents too. People typically come for counselling or psychotherapy for a variety of reasons which can include feeling stuck or unable to cope, loss or bereavement which they are struggling to come to terms with, addiction, depression, anxiety, life transitions or a general sense of things not being right.  Having the chance to talk about your feelings, think about your choices and behaviour, and to make positive changes in your life can be extremely powerful.  

My particular approach to counselling & psychotherapy is called Integrative Psychosynthesis.  Integrative means that I will draw upon knowledge and understanding from across a range of psychotherapeutic models depending on your needs.  Psychosynthesis draws inspiration and perspective from the spiritual and soulful dimensions of life.  Integrative Psychosynthesis is a form of psychospiritual or transpersonal counselling, which encourages us to meet our challenges and embrace the full range of human experience.  It will help you to address your current issues, to develop and grow as a human being, to free yourself up from the past and more fully express your purpose and potential.

I have worked extensively as a bereavement counsellor so if someone close to you has died, or is dying, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Likewise if you are facing your own mortality, you do not need to do this alone.  I have also worked with boarding school survivors to help them come to terms with the impact their experience had on them.  

Sessions are usually up to an hour in length.  Typically we work in blocks of six weekly or fortnightly sessions, at the end of which we review our progress, before agreeing to continue.  This provides a frame for short-term work around a particular issue, or the building blocks for the development of a longer-term therapeutic relationship.  I am happy to arrange a free initial consultation with you to explore if we can work successfully together.

For more information and / or to arrange an initial free consultation, please call Frederick on 0800 193 2001 or visit the contact page